Specialist Cleaning & Restoration of Brick and Stonework

We are stonehealth approved Doff contractors, the Doff process is the preferred method used to clean historic brick and stone work without causing any damage.

It works by using super heated high pressure steam with a working temperature of 150 degrees celsius when leaving the nozzle whilst using a 30m hose. (most steam cleaners are rated at the point the water is heated).

This will make light work of restoring heritage brick and stone work to its former glory and due to the high temparature it works at it also sterilises the surface killing spores etc preventing re-growth for a long time.

This process is also ideal for the removal of graffiti.

The temperature and pressure are easily adjusted to ensure there is no damage to the surface being worked on.

This process will also remove most types of paint from brick and stonework and it also very affective at removing moss from roofs etc and again due to the extremly high working temperature it will kill all the spores and sterilise the roof preventing it from growing back any time soon.

Specialist Cleaning of Heritage Buildings

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graffiti removal isle of wight


removal of graffiti Isle of Wight

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